June 8, 2013

Multi Account Creator



  • Automatically Creates Accounts On 20+ Websites Including Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, And Many More (Except Captcha)
  • Bot Maker (create your own bots and automate webpages)
  • Smart Autofill (submit even on unsupported sites)
  • Manual Submitter (submit to custom email sites with the autofill menu "right click")
  • Generates Full Profile With One Click
  • 5 Built In Disposable Email Services (One Click)
  • Real Names and Usernames (Editable)
  • Proxy Support
  • Advanced Profile System
  • Advanced Settings
  • Customizable Theme
  • Handy Rightclick Autofill Menu
  • Over 200,000 Built In Names

February 15, 2013

DezFake v2 | send e-mails from any account |


Dezfake it's the fake emailer sender! If you don't already know, with this you can send email's from ANY account in the world, let's say you wan't to scare you friends, with a FBI.gov account, you can!
To mass spoof contacts seperate each email with a comma ","
Hotmail users will have there messages automatically sent to junk!

High Paying Keywords for Adsense


Here are the list of TOP most expensive keywords from where Google makes a lots of money.In last year Google made $33.3 billion in revenues.And some parts of these revenues comes from these most expensive keywords.